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SPEED is a skill that can be improved in any athlete with the correct training and education towards preparation, technique and intensity.

Our structured training sessions expose athletes to components of SPEED DEVELOPMENT that will:

From 8yrs old to adults, different range of capabilities and experience, multiple sports codes, Linespeed APT strives to assist athletes to reach their full athletic potential.
Its not where you START, its where you FINISH.

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Speed Training | Holiday Program
SAQ Training | Holiday Program
Agility Training | Holiday Program
Basketball SAQ | Holiday Program
Netball SAQ | Holiday Program
Field Agility | Holiday Program
Senior Speed Training | Holiday Program

Speed and Agility Training

Speed and Agility drills to improve performance in sports that require changing direction quickly whilst keeping balance, strength, speed and body in control.
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Sports Team Training

Gain the competitive edge. Reduce chances of injury, increase movement efficiency, improve team confidence and unity.
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Linear Speed Training

Straight speed sprint training. Cover distance in faster time, on grass or on the court. Game breaker SKILL that is an integral part of any sport.
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Holiday Program

Programs aimed at exposing athletes to the full Linespeed sports performance framework aswell as associating speed and agility to sports performance.
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