Jacob Wentholt

Family - Faith - Culture - Community

I am the father of 5 highly active children, Keenan (19yrs), Lennox (12yrs), Peytton (10yrs), Bryson (9yrs) and Zoe (7yrs) and husband to a trophy wife Finah

I have been passionately coaching youth in various sporting codes such as Rugby League, Basketball & Athletics in Perth WA for over 10 years and I am still an active Coach for Butler Athletics Club.

Born and raised in South Auckland NZ amongst my Samoan Catholic family, I was heavily involved in various sporting codes throughout my youth. This, combined with an extensive employment history serving in leadership roles, led me to Perth WA in 2007 where I was able to evolve into a youth coaching machine founded on a values-based approach and building a community culture of hard-working athletes.

Through observing common differences in youth sports performance across codes, I quickly recognised speed and agility to be the most impactful factor affecting success in youth.

My journey commenced with my fab 5 in 2018 where I stepped down from a management role and committed myself to spending more time with family and coaching my kids in strength, power and SPEED.

As we progressed, and successful outcomes were evident as a result of our training, I opened up our sessions to our community where Linespeed was created in 2019.

If I’m training my kids, I might as well bring more on the journey. As they say: it takes a village to raise a child.

Being an active sports coach, and continuously growing in knowledge with SAQ and applications to sports, Linespeed Athletic Performance Training is my vehicle to engage and educate youth athletes in components of speed, longterm athletic development and building a community of sports leaders.

I am blessed to be able to positively impact youth in sports, and in life.

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